CCG celebrates Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week

Screen-Shot-2015-04-30-at-14.37.33Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week (EDHRW) will be celebrated within the NHS from 11to 15 May 2015. This will be the fourth year the awareness event has run.

The aim of EDHRW is to create a fairer and more diverse NHS for both staff and the local community. To mark the occasion, NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will be showing two videos to staff, highlighting the importance of equality and diversity to encourage dialogue within the organisation.

The CCG works with a number of community support resources and seldom heard groups to engage and understand diverse needs across the borough. The feedback should help to inform the commissioning work of the organization and address local health inequalities.

People may experience discrimination because of their particular characteristics such as: age, gender, disability, race, sexuality, religion and belief. The aim of EDHRW is to raise awareness of discriminations and to focus on how innovation and creativity around addressing diverse needs may be applied across the local population.

Curtis Henry, Equalities and Engagement Officer at the CCG, said: “In Doncaster we serve a very multi-cultural and diverse community so it is important, as an NHS organisation, that we champion diversity, equality and human rights.

“As an NHS commissioning organisation we are continually striving to ensure we have the local data to enable us to meet the service needs of our, local communities we serve. This week provides a fantastic opportunity for all our staff to promote the work they do, and to help embed equality and diversity within the heart of our commissioning process.”

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