Caring for Carers in Doncaster

newtalkingNHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Doncaster Council and the local caring network are launching a survey on 17 August to understand how, together, they can better support and work with carers in the borough.

Carers are people who look after a family member, a friend or loved one. Whether paid, or unpaid, they do so because the person they care for is in need of health assistance or support with daily living. They include those caring for young people or adults living with long-term medical conditions, mental illness, disability, elderly or those receiving palliative care.

National census data shows that there are over 6.5 million carers in the UK, with just over 33,000 living in Doncaster. Caring for those in need is a major contribution towards health and social care in the borough, and without the help of these compassionate people, services would struggle to deliver the same level of care currently provided.

Without help and support, carers often find themselves struggling with what can be very physical, emotional or financial demands, trying to balance work and home life, and potentially risking their own health and wellbeing as a result.

Recognising the crucial role carers play in the town, Doncaster CCG, Doncaster Council and the collective caring network want to understand how they can better support and enable individuals to keep doing what they do best – care.

Over the next two months, local residents are encouraged to share their views, ideas or experiences on ‘caring for carers’ in the town. The survey will help to identify what issues carers currently face and what support should be offered in the future. The questionnaire has been designed in such a way that anyone, both residents and carers, can answer it. You can also watch this short video about the survey at

Dr Nick Tupper said: “Carers provide crucial support for the most vulnerable in our town. It’s important that we make sure that we extend that same level of compassion they show to others and look how we improve our offer to carers in the future. Please share your thoughts and opinions and join this very worthwhile conversation.”

Councillor Pat Knight, Cabinet Member for Public Health, said: “Every year, thousands of carers across Doncaster make a vital contribution to health and social care, providing support to family members or friends with health problems or disabilities. I’d encourage residents to help the CCG and Council ‘care for carers’ in the town by taking part in this important survey.”

Take the survey at

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