Call for greater cancer awareness amongst Muslims

CCdVdXbWgAAFk6E.jpg-largeNHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are encouraging  the borough’s Muslim community to get to know the warning signs of cancer and to contact their GP immediately if they spot them.

Nationally carried-out research has shown that South Asian patients have worse cancer outcomes than their White British counterparts. This is due to some patients delaying a visit to their GP to discuss early symptoms, which, in some cases, can be related to cultural perceptions and taboos.

Information booklets have been produced and distributed, in partnership with Doncaster Public Health, throughout the borough. The aim of the literature is to improve cancer awareness amongst Muslim families around signs and symptoms and how to access screening and treatment in a timely fashion.

The information has been developed with help from Muslims to address any cancer knowledge gaps in the religious community and translated, by Sheffield Hallam University, in to the three most common languages (Arabic, Somali and Urdu) as well as appearing in English.

Curtis Henry, Equality and Engagement Officer at the CCG, said: “It is important that we raise awareness of cancer within the Muslim community and tackle any traditional stigmas attached to the illness. Early detection is vital for successful treatment of all cancers so it is important that we engage with seldom heard groups to help change behaviours and encourage a visit to the GP.”

Dr Rupert Suckling, Doncaster Council’s Director of Public Health, added: “If we are to beat cancer it’s vital that people are aware of the dangers.  This is an important campaign and I hope that this will lead to more patients coming forward to their GP with early symptoms.”

The leaflets can be accessed on the Doncaster CCG website at

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