Babies and children under 11 years do not require face coverings

Please help us spread the word about babies and children under 11 not requiring face masks.
The requirement for adults to wear face coverings in shops and confined spaces came into being last week.
As a result, we are aware that some parents have seen masks for children available on-line and we need to ensure parents are aware of this important safety message:
  • Babies and young children under 3 years must not wear face coverings or masks as they can lead to suffocation.
  • There is no requirement for any children under 11 years to wear a face mask or covering.

Certain medical conditions exempt people from having to wear a face covering. You can print out a card to show on public transport and shops that you have a medical exemption and this can also be downloaded to your mobile ‘phone.

Further information, including how to make your own face mask is available here

Please remember this important message: children under 11 years are not required to wear face masks and children under 3 should not wear face masks.

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