What we spend and how we spend it

income-expenditure-online-small-businessUnderstanding the role of a CCG can be difficult if you’re not familiar with how the NHS functions.

Most people know their local surgery and their local hospital as that’s where most of their contact with health workers takes place. Our role is more behind the scenes – planning, organising and overseeing the health services Doncaster people need, and last year we spent over £500 million budget doing just that.

It funds, such as, countless operations at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and Bassetlaw hospitals and around £60 million pays for millions of prescription medicines for Doncaster people.

Annual Reports

Every year, in line with government recommendations, NHS Doncaster CCG will publish an annual report.This covers all aspects of what we do, the progress that we have made and includes detailed financial accounts for any given tax year.

You can view our latest annual report and accounts by clicking on the links below:

2020/21 Annual Report & Accounts

2019/20 Annual Report & Accounts
2018/19 Annual Report & Accounts
2017/18 Annual Report & Accounts
2016/17 Annual Report & Accounts
2015/16 Annual Report & Accounts
2014/15 Annual Report & Accounts
2013/14 Annual Report & Accounts

Annual Audit Letter for 2020/21

Annual Audit Letter for 2018/19
Annual Audit Letter for 2017/18
Annual Audit Letter for 2016/17
Annual Audit Letter for 2015/16
Annual Audit Letter for 2014/15
Annual Audit Letter for 2013/14

Financial statements are presented to our Governing Body each month, and are available as part of our Governing Body papers. Please click here to access our Governing Body papers.

Expenditure over £25,000

A monthly-updated list of all financial transactions spending over £25,000 made by NHS Doncaster CCG is available here as part of the Government’s commitment to transparency in expenditure. Click here to view all financial transactions over £25,000 by month.

Local price variation

Changes have been made to the rules governing the agreement and variation of local prices. The idea is to encourage local innovation in service design, particularly developing more integrated services. Click here to view local price variations.

Mental Health Investment Standard

CCG’s are required to increase their spend on Mental Health Services each year in line with NHS England guidance – this is audited each year to ensure compliance with the Mental Health Investment Standard. The audit report and the CCG’s compliance statements are published below:



We are keen to ensure that our policy for procuring healthcare services meets the requirements of the NHS (Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition) Regulations 2013.

We have to balance the need for greater plurality and competition in the providers able to offer services to NHS patients. This may mean encouraging providers from new sectors such as independent providers and social enterprises or formulating existing provider services. The procurement process needs to:

  • Be transparent, proportionate and without discrimination
  • Deliver safe, high quality services that meet fitness for purpose and deliver value for money
  • Consider integration, competition and extending patient choice

Click here to view our procurement policies, procurement opportunities, and contracts recently awarded.

Individual Funding Requests

The role of NHS Doncaster CCG is to plan and commission healthcare services for the people of Doncaster. We have limited resources, so we need to make sure that we make the best use of our budget so that people living in Doncaster can access the healthcare services they need.

We have set up a section of the website so that you can find out more about how we commission (pay for) healthcare services that may not be available or routinely provided by the NHS. Click here to read about individual funding requests.


To view the CCG’s 2016/17 contract database click here. Current contracts for this year are available here.

To see all contracts held by Doncaster Council please click here

Contract penalties

NHS Doncaster CCG, in line with the NHS Standard Contract 2015/16 Technical Guidance,  will publish on a quarterly basis the value of any sanctions applied in respect of the National Operational Standards and the National Quality Requirements, along with an indication of how NHS Doncaster CCG has or intends to spend this funding. Below you can find contract penalties incurred by local service providers:
Quarter 4 2015/16
Quarter 3 2015/16

Quarter 2 2015/16

Quarter 1 2015/16
Quarter 4 2014/15

Staffing pay

To view the NHS’ staff pay grading structure, click here. Governing Body Member and Senior Staff pay, grading, allowances and expenses are published as part of our Annual Report, and are paid in accordance with our employment policies.

Trade Union Facility Time Data

The Trade Union Regulations (Facility Time Publication Requirements) came into force on 1 April 2017. In line with these regulations, CCG’s employing more than 49 staff must publish information on facility time, which is agreed time off from an individual’s job to carry out a trade union role. To view our most recent report for 2017/18, click here.