Lists and Registers

Standards of Business Conduct

The Conflicts of Interest Guardian for NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group is Paul Wilkin, Lay Member Audit and Governance. Paul can be contacted at

How we identify and manage actual or potential conflicts of interest is described in our Standards of Business Conduct & Conflicts of Interest Policy. The Registers of Interest at NHS Doncaster CCG are available here:

Register of Interests(positive declarations for all staff, and all declarations for Governing Body members and Member Practices). The CCG’s published register of interests contains current interests, and 6 months of expired interests after the expiry date and the current register is here. Historic interests are retained by the CCG for the nationally specified timeframe (6 years).

For interests declared by members of the Joint Committee of Clinical Commissioning Groups, please visit  to view the register of interest. Alternatively, please click here

Gifts, Hospitality & Sponsorship Register
If you require further information or access to a hard copy of the Registers at our Headquarters, please contact us on or via our “Contact Us” page.

We are keen to ensure that our policy for procuring healthcare services meets the requirements of the NHS (Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition) Regulations 2013.

We have to balance the need for greater plurality and competition in the providers able to offer services to NHS patients. This may mean encouraging providers from new sectors such as independent providers and social enterprises or formulating existing provider services. The procurement process needs to:

  • Be transparent, proportionate and without discrimination
  • Deliver safe, high quality services that meet fitness for purpose and deliver value for money
  • Consider integration, competition and extending patient choice

Click here to view our procurement policies, procurement opportunities, and contracts recently awarded.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

The latest DPIA list is available here. If you would like to view any of the DPIA’s please contact a member of the Governance team via

Contract database
The list of our main contracts is available here in our contract database referenced above in our “what we spend and how we spend it” section.

Organisational statements of support / pledges:
NHS Statement of Support for Tobacco Control.

Statutory roles
The Officers fulfilling the key statutory roles required of a CCG are noted below:

Accountable Officer – Chief Officer
Accounting Officer – Chief Finance Officer

Accountable Emergency Officer – Chief Officer
Conflict of Interest Guardian – Lay Member for Audit & Governance
Emergency Preparedness, Resilience & Response Lay Lead – Lay Member for Audit & Governance
Conflict of Interest Lead – Associate Director of Human Resources & Corporate Services
Whistleblowing Lead – Chief Finance Officer
Senior Information Risk Owner – Associate Director of Human Resources & Corporate Services
Health & Safety Competent Person – Head of Health, Safety & Security
Fire Safety Responsible Person – Associate Director of Human Resources & Corporate Services
Fire Safety Competent Person – Head of Health, Safety & Security
Security Management Director – Associate Director of Human Resources & Corporate Services
Local Security Management Specialist – Head of Health, Safety & Security
Claims Officer – Associate Director of Human Resources & Corporate Services
Local Counter Fraud Specialist – 360 Assurance
Registration Authority – HR Team

Quality / Safeguarding:
Caldicott Guardian – Chief Nurse
Safeguarding – Chief Nurse
Research Governance – Chief Nurse
Equality & Diversity Executive Lead – Associate Director of Human Resources & Corporate Services
Accountable Officer Controlled Drugs – Director of Nursing in the local NHS England Area Team (delegated operationally to the CCG Head of Medicines Management)