Clinical Policies


To view the range of policies for Safeguarding Children which are held on the Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board website, please click here.
To view the range of policies for Safeguarding Adults which are held on the Doncaster Council website, please click here

CCG Commissioning Safeguarding Vulnerable People Policy.

CCG Safeguarding Children & Adults Policy

MCA & DOLS Policy

Commissioning Safeguarding Vulnerable People Policy

CCG Safeguarding Policy



Choice Policy

Clinical Supervision Policy

Commissioning for Quality Assurance and Improvement using an Appreciative Enquiry Approach

Commissioning Policy: Implementation and Funding of NICE Guidance

Care & Treatment Reviews for Children, Young People & Adults Policy

Primary Care Quality & Performance Framework

Primary Care Rebate Policy

Branded prescribing policy

Care & Treatment Reviews for Children, Young People & Adults

Planned Care

Access to Infertility Treatment

Cryopreservation policy

Individual Funding Requests

An Individual Funding Request (IFR) is a request to fund a healthcare intervention that falls out of the range of services and treatments that the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has agreed to commission.

If your treating clinician thinks that you would benefit from an intervention that is not routinely funded by the CCG, they should submit an IFR for consideration. All IFRs are considered in a weekly panel meeting by experienced medical advisors and senior managers where exceptionality is considered in the context of the CCGs policies for a health care indication prior to a recommendation being made.

As well as a clinical letter, requests for some interventions require the completion of a questionnaire to ensure that the panel members have all the information that they require. Policies, including questionnaires, can be found below:

Individual Funding Request Policy

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning for Outcomes Policy

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw: Useful documents

Requests should be submitted to:

Allison Ball
Head of Individual Funding Requests (IFR)
Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group
722 Prince of Wales Road
S9 4EU

Email :

If you have any queries about the IFR process or would like to enquire about your own funding request you can contact the IFR team on 0114 3051099.

Other partnership policies:
South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Footprint Divert Policy – November 2016
Yorkshire and Humber Fertility Policy

NHS England Gender Identity Services for Adults (Non-Surgical Interventions)