Our Values & Vision

The CCG was established from 1 April 2013. Early in our development as an organisation we identified our collective vision, mission statement, values and strategic objectives. These continue to remain central to the CCG:

It is our vision to work with others to invest in quality healthcare for Doncaster patients.

It is our mission statement to provide a high quality and accountable CCG; encouraging responsible partnership engagement in a transparent climate of ongoing learning in order to create a patient-centred, yet financially astute, and corporate approach to commissioning.

Our core values guide the way we work with our communities and healthcare partners to improve the health of our population. Our values are:

  • The needs of patient are paramount
  • To drive forward continuous improvement
  • Relationships are based on integrity and trust.

Supporting the delivery of our vision and values are a number of corporate objectives:

  • Ensure an effective, well led, and well governed organisation
  • Commission high quality, continually improving, cost effective healthcare which meets the needs of the Doncaster population
  • Ensure that the healthcare system in Doncaster is sustainable, accessible and reactive to change.
  • Work collaboratively with partners to improve health and reduce inequalities in well governed and accountable partnerships.
  • Managing the organisation through the close down of CCGs and transitioning to new NHS ICS Body

Informed by the above, we set out our original Five Year Commissioning Strategy “Moving forward, Getting better“. Whilst this has been refreshed annually to ensure it meets the changing needs of our population, we have reached the end of the five year period and we have now developed a new joint health and social care commissioning strategy, for the first time in conjunction with Doncaster Council

The new strategy builds on our original vision and values, but is now broadened in scope to include how we commission more jointly with Doncaster Council and our Social Care colleagues and to recognise the vision set out in the Doncaster Place Plan:

The strategy has been jointly produced by health and social care and sets out how our collective action can make the most impact.  We are seeking to jointly commission services for the Doncaster borough to:

  • Maintain health and wellbeing
  • Improve individual experience
  • Improve individual and community outcomes
  • Avoid duplication
  • Develop our workforce
  • Make the best use of the Doncaster pound

The strategy sets out our joint commissioning journey for the next two years to enable us to undertake the next steps to:
Work closely with local communities and neighbourhoods

  • Aid and build communities, giving individual hope and a positive vision for themselves and their families

Ensure co-ordinated access

  • Provide services when they are needed, ensuring they are accessible and matched to people’s level of need

Deliver a more holistic approach to care and support

  • Ensuring all health, care and support needs of individuals and their families are considered

Provide care and support for individuals when they are in crisis

  • Making it easier to access health and care services when they need them the most

Improve support for people with complex needs

  • When it is identified that an individual has complex needs, social physical or mental health issues, organisations will work together and wrap care and support around them

The joint commissioning strategy sets out our plans to this across 3 broad life stages:

  • Starting Well: focussed on our children, adolescents and maternity
  • Living Well: focussed on working age people
  • Ageing Well: focussed on our older population

And for each life stage we have set out:

  • What we want to achieve
  • How we will know if we are making a difference
  • Actions to make the change happen

We also have a set of detailed delivery plans that support each life stage, and these will be used in year to drive the commissioning activities of our organisations and to hold ourselves to account.  We will regularly report on the progress against those plans throughout the year.

During January and February, we extensively engaged with patients and members of the public in Doncaster to seek their views on our vision to work and plan services jointly. An overview of the engagement and its findings is available here.

Engagement with patients and members of the public will continue during the life span of the strategy to ensure a co-ordinated approach to service planning and delivery.