Your Rights

Everyone who is cared for by the NHS in England has legal rights that cover:

The NHS Constitution sets out all of the above in detail. You can view these rights in detail on the GOV.UK website.

Your right to choice is also set out in the NHS Choice Framework, which explains when you have a legal right to choice about treatment and care in the NHS. The legal right to choice doesn’t apply to all healthcare services; however, where you do not have a legal right to choice, you should at least be offered some choices, depending on what’s available locally. Download the NHS Choice Framework from the GOV.UK website.

In support of the NHS Constitution we aim to:

  • Commission in accordance with the NHS Constitution rights and pledges.
  • Highlight the rights and pledges in the NHS Constitution on our website.
  • Highlight the rights and pledges in the in the NHS Constitution in our annual Statement of Involvement.
  • Monitor the NHS Constitution commitments (for example access / waiting times / quality of care) in our monthly Quality & Performance Reports received by our Governing Body.
  • Implement NICE guidance.
  • Consider patient experience through our Engagement & Experience Committee.
  • Inform our patients how their information will be used in our Fair Processing Notice .
  • Offer choice – our Choice Strategy reflects this.
  • Involve patients in decisions about commissioning healthcare (please see the Involvement page for more information).
  • Offer a complaints process (please see the Complaints page for more information).
  • Have a suite of employment policies to support our staff and engage staff via regular Staff Briefs and a Colleague Engagement Group.