About Us

026Launched in April 2013, we are in charge of the borough’s £500 million budget, which aids us in organising, paying for and monitoring the performance and quality of services in the town.

These are the priority health care areas we are currently working on.

The Doncaster Place Plan refresh 2019-22 sets out a shared vision for health and social care across Doncaster.

Clinical Commissioning Groups are ‘clinically led’ groups, which means that GPs and other healthcare professionals make key decisions.

Our values and visions are set by GPs, supported by lay members, NHS managers and other health professionals. Together, they have responsibility and freedom to make decisions about the care and services provided for Doncaster and are committed to putting local people at the heart of decision making within the local NHS.

We have responsibility for purchasing and structuring healthcare services for over 320,000 patients in Doncaster and our aim is to provide the best possible care.

We are a membership organisation and our members are the 39 local practices based in the borough.

Alongside our member practices, we have over 190 members of staff working on management projects or healthcare.