A Dementia Strategy for Doncaster 2015-2017

eg-image19Getting There; A Dementia Strategy for Doncaster (The Strategy) aims to set out the future vision for Doncaster on how people with dementia, their carers and family networks are empowered and supported to live well.

The Strategy recognises the vast amount of work that has taken place by partners locally and uses this to help define the next steps in helping us achieve our Doncaster vision for dementia.

People with dementia, their carers and their family networks have been central to producing this Strategy and will be instrumental in ensuring its delivery.

The Strategy is aimed at all stakeholders and every effort has been made to ensure the language and the style of the Strategy is presented in such a way as to assist understanding. A glossary is also provided.

The Doncaster Dementia Strategic Partnership (DDSP) has made great efforts to “do what we say” and “say what we do” and would like to acknowledge and say thank you to all partners who have contributed to this Strategy and the many improvements and success achieved thus far. It is hoped with your continued passion, support and commitment we can continue to make a difference for people with dementia, their carers and families in general.

Download the full Dementia Strategy for Doncaster 2016-17 here

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