Choosing the right service

If you’re worried or unwell and want to speak to an expert about your health, call NHS 111 or visit your local pharmacy. If you are worried about someone else and not sure what to do, use the NHS 111 online service for information about a range of health and care services closer to home.

There’s always a GP available in Doncaster, even during the Christmas and New Year holiday period – if you need a GP and can’t get an appointment, you can call the Same Day Health Centre on 0300 123 3103. And if you need an urgent appointment during the night, call 0300 1239990.

Earlier this year, Doncaster’s Primary Care Extended Access service went live. Working with Primary Care Doncaster Limited, the service has created an extra 640 appointments per week – more GP appointments than ever before, which are available to all patients registered with a Doncaster GP practice.

The aim of the service is to:

  • improve access to routine general practice appointments and other related services
  • provide additional ‘same-day’ access to primary care services
  • improve links across the different parts of the wider urgent and emergency care system locally and
  • improve access for vulnerable people who struggle to access or engage with traditional general practice

The extra appointments provide a mixture of same day and pre-bookable appointments. Saturday morning clinics are now taking place across four hubs in Doncaster. They provide routine appointments with GPs, Nurses and Health Care Assistants.

First-2-Physio appointments are also available at Doncaster’s Same Day Health Centre, providing timely assessment and triage of musculoskeletal problems by a Physiotherapist. Patients are now able to be assessed by a Physiotherapist much quicker as a result of this new service.

Same day appointments are also available at the Same Day Health Centre, providing urgent appointments with a GP or Advanced Nurse Practitioner within 24 hours.

In addition, inclusion health drop-in clinics have resulted in improved access for vulnerable people who traditionally find it hard to access care.

If you need urgent healthcare in Doncaster there a lots of options, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Same Day Health Centre, Urgent Treatment Centre and your local pharmacist can offer advice and treat urgent conditions; there is always one of these services open.

Particularly over the cold winter months, it is important to think about the service you choose. A recent survey about A&E services showed that some people in Doncaster choose to use A&E for minor conditions that could be treated elsewhere. Hospitals and A&E departments get very busy during winter so please think before you choose this service.

To help, the Choose Well Doncaster app is also available for download from Android phones and Apple iPhones.