Planned Care

Planned Care includes a wide range of services such as cardiology, urology, ear nose and throat right through to eye care. Planned care usually takes place as a result of a referral from a health care professional, such as your local GP or nurse.

During 2018-19, we have worked with a wide range of organisations, patients and members of the public, supported by Healthwatch Doncaster to focus on key areas of health and care.

Our rapid 100 day improvement work has meant that we have rapidly identified an area of opportunity to improve outcomes for patients. An NHS England led 100 day challenge focussed on Cardiology, Urology and Ear Nose and Throat.

Healthwatch Doncaster has also worked with Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (DBTH) and Doncaster CCG to address some of the reasons for patients not turning up for their outpatient appointments; to obtain a better understanding of why patients change, cancel or don’t turn up to planned care appointments within the hospital.

This programme has focused on areas such as Children’s services and Eye Health. We used an online survey and face to face questionnaires with feedback to seek people’s views and thoughts. The results culminated in an action plan currently being taken forward jointly between Doncaster CCG, Healthwatch Doncaster and DBTH.

Both qualitative feedback and quantitative information regarding patient activity has led to a greater depth of understand around missed appointments and has supported the Trust when making decisions regarding their future strategy for digital communications.

The latest 100 day challenge work is focussed on three key areas: