Our approach to engagement

Working with CCGs and a range of other stakeholders, NHS England has developed refreshed statutory guidance on involvement. The guidance highlights the benefits of involving people in their own health and care and involving communities in commissioning decisions. It reflects the new commissioning landscape and sets out the context and principles of involvement.

The guidance is made up of two documents, “Involving people in their own health and care” and “Patient and public participation in commissioning health and care”. https://www.england.nhs.uk/participation/involvementguidance/

Team members across all Directorates in the CCG have been briefed on the new guidance, and the principles in the guidance are reflected in the newly refreshed engagement principles of the CCG:

  • Lived experience is vital in commissioning healthcare services effectively.
  • Engage together in partnership across Doncaster health and social care services wherever possible, avoiding duplication of engagement activity.
  • Centralise feedback wherever possible through the local statutory voice of the users of health and social care services – Healthwatch Doncaster.
  • Focus CCG engagement activity on the priority areas of the CCG, identifying the best engagement option for each priority area using the Ladder of Engagement.
  • Take the time to feed back to contributors on the outcome of engagement activity, and celebrate engagement successes.
  • Engagement should be:
    • Planned (with a clear purpose, scope, limitations and outcomes)
    • Productive (with a focus on improving health outcomes)
    • Undertaken early (before decisions are made)
    • Open, transparent & empowering (clear on what can be influenced)
    • Ongoing (proactive conversations rather than reactive to changes)
    • Inclusive (including targeting more seldom heard groups)
    • Accessible (times, places, methodologies)
    • Sustainable (with adequate time and resources)

Our Communication & Engagement Strategy has been refreshed to reflect these engagement principles.

We work closely with colleagues at Healthwatch Doncaster, who attend meetings of key committess at the CCG and also support us with on-going engagement projects. Here’s a link to their website and feedback centre.

Our Patient and Public Engagement Annual Statement of Involvement sets out our approach to engagement and key achievements over the past 12 months.

In addition, we have regular updates on engagement activity carried out in support of our priority areas of work. Please click on the following links:

Care Homes
Children and Maternity
Community and End of Life
Intermediate Care
Planned Care
Primary Care