Our Values & Vision

vision-missionThe CCG was established from 1 April 2013. Early in our development as a organisation, we identified that it was crucial to agree with our member practices our collective vision, mission statement, values and strategic objectives.

It is our vision to work with others to invest in quality healthcare for Doncaster patients.

It is our mission statement to provide a high quality and accountable CCG; encouraging responsible partnership engagement in a transparent climate of ongoing learning in order to create a patient-centred, yet financially astute, and corporate approach to commissioning.

Our core values guide the way we work with our communities and healthcare partners to improve the health of our population. Our values are:

  • The needs of patient are paramount
  • To drive forward continuous improvement
  • Relationships are based on integrity and trust.

Informed by the above, we have set out our Five Year Commissioning Strategy “Moving forward, Getting better. We refresh this annually to ensure it meets the changing needs of our population. The strategy sets out our plans for delivering our vision. It recognises the challenge in ensuring healthcare services are affordable and sustainable in an environment of low financial growth, but in the context of continuing demand for services and a reduction in funding for other public services. As an organisation we understand that we must deliver transformational change in order to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness of spend on health services whilst continuously improving quality.

We have described three strategic ambitions:

  • Care out of Hospital
  • Care of the elderly services
  • Coordinated Care

We aim to deliver these through transformational change programmes across the system:

  • Intermediate Care: design and implementation of a new service model
  • Primary Care: strategy development based on an extended role for primary care
  • Community Services: embedding holistic community nursing care and looking at how we can improve specialist nursing services
  • End of Life Care: delivery of the new community model
  • Urgent Care: embedding the new service model and supporting the wider health and social care system to integrate working arrangements
  • Care Homes: focussed on quality improvement, education and market development

Each year our commissioning strategy additionally focuses on key local clinical priorities in order to improve outcomes, and currently these are:

  • Cancer
  • Children’s Services
  • Dementia
  • Mental Health